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There are several programs for permanent immigration to Canada. We will assess your qualification/profile and suggest the best option for permanent residency. Some of the most popular options are Express Entry, PNP, Federal skilled trade.
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You can immigrate permanently to Canada in different ways :

Express Entry-

The Canada Express Entry system was introduced to fulfill Canada’s demand for professionals and skilled workers. It is one of the many programs through which applicant can successfully immigrate to Canada in short time span.

How this program does works?

Applicants can create their profile if they meet minimum eligibility criteria. This is a point based system where points are assigned for the factors such as age, education, work experience, language test score and few others. IRCC conduct draws periodically and selects candidates from the pool with highest points (CRS). Moreover, many provinces select candidates form this pool for their PNP category. Though it is simple to calculate points for express entry, a professional guidance from licensed consultant can avoid costly mistakes and delays. Moreover, many provinces select candidates form this pool for their PNP sub categories.

Not eligible for Express Entry? You might be eligible for PNP

Canadian provinces design their own categories for their provincial nominee program based on the economic need of their province. The best thing about PNP is that a person with lower language score might be eligible to apply.
This is a two stage process to acquire Permanent residency in Canada. First the applicants need to get Provincial Nominee Certificate from the province where they want to settle, then they need to apply for federal PR application.
Some of the provinces award additional points to the applicants if they have valid/approved job offer from an employer in that province. Based on your profile we can suggest you best option for PNP.

Business Immigration

Small and medium size businesses play vital role in Canadian economy. If you are a business person then you might be able immigrate to Canada through Entrepreneur streams in one of the Canadian provinces.
Most of the Canadian provinces have their own Business immigration program through which they can nominate individuals for immigration to their province based on their own specific criteria. Mostly, the applicant get work permit first to establish the business and then they can apply for provincial nomination. Once nominated by a province, the individual can apply for permanent residence through the federal immigration program.

Family Sponsorship

IRCC believe in family reunification. Canadian permanent residents or citizens can sponsor their spouse, dependent children, parents and/or grandparents to become permanent residents of Canada. The sponsorship application is based on several factors and eligibility of sponsor.

Atlantic Immigration Program

This pilot program is now a permanent program for Immigration to Canada. Designated employers from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI or Newfoundland and Labrador can hire skilled foreign workers or International graduates from Canadian educational institutes if they are unable to find local employees. Based on the job offer and other eligibility factors, applicants can apply for permanent residency through Atlantic Immigration Program.


Caregivers can immigrate to Canada through Home Child Care Provider Pilot or Home support Worker Pilot Program. Limited applications are accepted in both of these categories. LMIA is not mandatory for getting work permit, once the applicant has enough work experience and meet other conditions; they are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Immigrate as a Self-employed person

Some people like to work for themselves and this program is the best option for them if they want to immigrate as a self-employed person. The main eligibility criteria for this program is that the applicant must have participated internationally in cultural activities or athletics or been a self employed in athletics or cultural activities for at least 2 years. There are other selection criteria such as education, age, language abilities and adaptability along with medial and security checks requirements which play important role in final visa decision.

Start-up Visa

Canada needs new entrepreneurs to strengthen the country’s economy. Thus, entrepreneurs who dream of turning their unique idea into a startup might be able to immigrate to Canada through this program.

PR application for Protected Person or Convention Refugees

Canada is generous in terms of accepting refugees and providing them opportunity to live safely and start a new beginning. Refugees in Canada might be eligible to apply for permanent residency if IRB or IRCC approve them as a Convention Refugee or Protected person along with certain conditions.

Pilot Programs

There are some immigration pilot programs which lead to permanent residency in Canada.


This Pilot program is intended to deal with the labour demands in Agri-Food sector in Canada. Experienced non-seasonal workers in particular industries and job positions can apply for permanent residency through this program if they meet certain IRCC requirements.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

It is a community-driven pilot program to bring the economic benefits to small communities. There are several steps involved in this program such as meeting IRCC and community specific requirements, finding eligible job and recommendation from a community. We can assess your eligibility for one of the pilot program.

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