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One of the best things about studying in Canada is that it has excellent education system that is beyond comparison. Canada is recognized worldwide for its outstanding lifestyle and quality of education in its colleges and universities.
The main benefit of studying in Canada is that graduates are eligible for Post-graduate work permit after successful completion of their study program which eventually opens doorway to more than one pathway for permanent residency. Moreover, international students can work part- time on campus and off campus during their academic session.
There are various levels of study programs available in Canadian colleges and universities, some of the programs offer Co-Op work opportunity during academic session which is helpful to gain valuable work experience.
At Open Sky Immigration we recommend best program for students based on their academic background and interest. We provide complete assistance right from program selection to travelling to Canada.

Renew your study permit in Canada

You can extend your study permit in Canada before the expiry of the current study permit. If your study permit is expired it can be restored by paying additional fees. Do you find challenging to renew or restore your study permit? Our expert immigration consultant can guide you and apply on your behalf.

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