Temporary Visa

Temporary Visa

Temporary Resident Visas are issued to those who want to visit family/friend in Canada or visit as a tourist. Professional advice and perfect documentation can increase the chances of getting temporary visa.


A visitor is a temporary resident who has been authorized to enter and remain in Canada as a visitor. Visitors are normally authorized to stay for 6 months. Visitors cannot work or study unless they have obtained a work permit or a study permit or they are exempted from getting a work permit or a study permit. There are several factors such as applicant’s ties to their home country, their financial background that play important role in successful visa application. It is advisable to consult licensed consultant for proper documentation.

Super Visa

A parent or grandparent those who want to stay for longer period in Canada can apply for Super Visa. This visa allows staying for maximum of two years continuously. There are special requirements when you are applying for a super visa in addition to normal visitor visa requirements such as proof of medical examination, purchase of medical insurance coverage for at least one year and proof of certain level of income of your child or grandchild in Canada. We can certainly help with your super visa application.

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