Work Permit

Want to work in Canada?

Most of the foreign workers need work permit to work in Canada but some might not need one depending upon type of work they will perform in Canada. There are mainly two types of work permits.

Open Work Permit

Open work permits are not employer specific that means open work permit holder can work for any Canadian employer with some exceptions. One may be eligible for this type of work permit if a person is:
The above list is not exhaustive. Skilled work performed on open work permit might make you eligible for permanent residency application through various programs such as CEC or PNP. It is advisable to consult licensed immigration consultant to evaluate your eligibility for open work permit.

Employer-Specific Work Permit

Employer specific work permit holder can only work for the employer which is listed on their closed work permit. Mostly LMIA is required to apply for this type of work permit but in some cases LMIA is not required depending upon type of work that will be performed in Canada by the applicant.

What is LMIA ?

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a employer driven process, before hiring foreign worker employer may need a LMIA. It is issued to employer when the job offer is genuine and no Canadian permanent resident or citizen is available to perform that job.
Once the Positive LMIA is issued to the employer, the worker can apply for a work permit along with the copy of LMIA, job offer letter and employment contract. If the work permit application is successful then a closed work permit is issued to the foreign worker.
Working on LMIA based work permit in Canada might make foreign worker eligible for permanent residency application under different programs provided that other eligibility criteria of that program are met.

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